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This day in European football history - March 31

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What happened on March 31
Former Spain national team national coach José María Mateos was born 132 years ago. Died on December 22, 1963.
International footballer Adolf Jäger was born 131 years ago. He played 18 matches for Germany national team and scored 11 goals. Date of his death: November 21, 1944.
Stadion Cracovii was opened in Kraków. The venue hosted 6 football matches of European national teams.
International football venue Hungária körúti Stadion was inaugurated in Budapest. Since opening, 40 games of European national football teams were played on the stadium.
Birthday of the Northern Ireland football referee Jack Adair, who was an official at 6 international games of European association football teams.
Poland referee Stanisław Eksztajn was born 96 years ago. He is known to have officiated 9 international matches of European teams during the period from 1966 to 1972. Passed away on April 30, 1995.
Tinsley Lindley passed away at the age of 74. He played for England national team in period from 1886 to 1891 (13 caps and 14 goals). Born on October 27, 1865.
Birthday of Panikos Iakovou from Cyprus, who managed Cyprus national team in 30 international football matches. He also played for national team. Passed away on April 25, 2010.
Birthday of Gjoko Hadžievski from Macedonia, who managed Azerbaijan and Macedonia national teams in 31 international football matches.
Nikolay Iliev, former Bulgaria national football team player (54 caps and 4 goals), born this day.
Birthday of the international referee Martin Atkinson from England, who refereed 41 football games of European national teams
International football referee Matteo Trefoloni from Italy is born on this day. He refereed matches of European national football teams (12 games in total).
Former Italy national team player Virginio Rosetta died on this day aged 73. He earned 52 caps in total. Date of his birth: February 25, 1902.
38 years ago, the Israel football player Tal Ben Haim is born. He appeared for 96 matches in total and scored 1 international goal for Israel.
Birthday of Gilles Bettmer, who played for Luxembourg national team in period 2005-2013 (58 caps and 1 goal).
Bank One Ballpark was opened in Phoenix. The venue hosted 2 football matches of European national teams.
International football venue Pacific Bell Park was inaugurated in San Francisco. Since opening, 1 game of European national football teams was played on the stadium.
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