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San Marino domestic football championship: Campionato Dilettanti 1988/89

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First phase
AC Libertas, Borgo Maggiore189 7 232-1425
SP La Fiorita, Montegiardino189 7 222-825
SP Domagnano, Domagnano188 8 227-1324
SC Faetano, Faetano188 5 526-1721
GS Dogana, Dogana186 9 321-1521
SS Folgore/Falciano, Falciano186 7 522-1919
SS Virtus, Acquaviva185 7 620-2517
SP Tre Fiori, Fiorentino184 7 716-1815
SS Montevito, Fiorentino184 3 1115-3711
SS San Giovanni, San Giovanni sotto le Penne182 2 1411-386
First roundSC Faetano, Faetano0:0
(4:3 pen.)
SP Domagnano, Domagnano
SS Murata, Murata2:0SP Cailungo, Cailungo
Second roundSP Domagnano, Domagnano0:0
(4:2 pen.)
SS Murata, Murata
SC Faetano, Faetano4:1SP Cailungo, Cailungo
Third roundSP Domagnano, Domagnano2:0SS Murata, Murata
SP La Fiorita, Montegiardino0:0
(5:4 pen.)
SC Faetano, Faetano
Fourth roundSP Domagnano, Domagnano1:0SC Faetano, Faetano
SP La Fiorita, Montegiardino1:0AC Libertas, Borgo Maggiore
SemifinalAC Libertas, Borgo Maggiore0:1SP Domagnano, Domagnano
FinalSP Domagnano, Domagnano2:1SP La Fiorita, Montegiardino
San Marino football champion 1988/89: SP Domagnano, Domagnano
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