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National football team player Slobodan Dubajić

Name of footballerBornDied
Slobodan Dubajić19.02.1963 (age 56)

National team appearances of Slobodan Dubajić

PeriodTeam / Clubs of footballerCapsCapt.Sub. inSub. offGoalsPen.Goals/Caps
23.12.1994 - 23.12.199411
23.12.1994 - 23.12.1994V.f.B. Stuttgart, Stuttgart11
Player stats by competition
CompetitionPlayedSub. off
Friendly matches and other tournaments 11
Total: 11

Record of all international matches played by Slobodan Dubajić

as player of V.f.B. Stuttgart, Stuttgart:
1. 23.12.1994
Porto Alegre
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Serbia domestic football championship
Winner (number of titles)MatchesGoalsGoals/match
Prva liga 1975/76F.K. Partizan, Beograd (7) 3067052.304
Prva liga 1976/77F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (12) 3067732.526
Prva liga 1977/78F.K. Partizan, Beograd (8) 3067772.539
Prva liga 1978/79N.K. Hajduk, Split (9) 3067612.487
Prva liga 1979/80F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (13) 3067132.33
Prva liga 1980/81F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (14) 3067762.536
Prva liga 1981/82N.K. Dinamo, Zagreb (9) 3068022.621
Prva liga 1982/83F.K. Partizan, Beograd (9) 3068262.699
Prva liga 1983/84F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (15) 3067602.484
Prva liga 1984/85F.K. Sarajevo, Sarajevo (2) 3067962.601
Prva liga 1985/86F.K. Partizan, Beograd (10) 3068992.938
Prva liga 1986/87F.K. Partizan, Beograd (11) 3067872.572
Prva liga 1987/88F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (16) 3068222.686
Prva liga 1988/89F.K. Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2) 3067482.444
Prva liga 1989/90F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (17) 3067482.444
Prva liga 1990/91F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (18) 3418802.581
Prva liga 1991/92F.K. Crvena Zvezda, Beograd (19) 2696632.465
Prva liga 1992/93F.K. Partizan, Beograd (12) 3429212.693
Prva liga 1993/94F.K. Partizan, Beograd (13) 3629282.564
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