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National football team player Davide Cesarini

Name of footballerBornDied
Davide Cesarini16.02.1995 (age 24)

National team appearances of Davide Cesarini

PeriodTeam / Clubs of footballerCapsCapt.Sub. inSub. offGoalsPen.Goals/Caps
31.03.2015 - 11.06.20191545
31.03.2015 - 11.06.2019S.P. Tre Penne, San Marino1545
Player stats by competition
CompetitionPlayedCapt.Sub. inSub. offGoalsPen.Goals/Caps

Record of all international matches played by Davide Cesarini

San Marino domestic football championship
Winner (number of titles)MatchesGoalsGoals/match
Campionato Dilettanti 2014/15S.S. Folgore/Falciano, Falciano (4) 1624462.753
Campionato Dilettanti 2015/16S.P. Tre Penne, San Marino (3) 1645133.128
Campionato Dilettanti 2016/17S.P. La Fiorita, Montegiardino (4) 1645063.085
Campionato Dilettanti 2017/18S.P. La Fiorita, Montegiardino (5) 1645313.238
Campionato Dilettanti 2018/19S.P. Tre Penne, San Marino (4) 1665303.193
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