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National football team player Marios Orfanidis

Marios Orfanidis
(native: Μάριος Ορφανίδης)
Born 16 March 1940 (age 80)

National team appearances of Marios Orfanidis

PeriodTeam / Clubs of footballerCapsCapt.Sub. inSub. offGoalsPen.Goals/Caps
20.03.1965 - 14.11.1965
20.03.1965 - 14.11.1965AC Nea Salamina Famagusta, Famagusta 51
Player stats by competition
CompetitionPlayedSub. in
World Cup qualifiers (QW)4
Friendly matches and other tournaments 11
Total: 51
Record of national team matches played by Marios Orfanidis
National teamPlayedWonDrawnLostGoalsPoints/Match
Cyprus national team
1042 - 190.400

Marios Orfanidis's international caps

as player of AC Nea Salamina Famagusta, Famagusta:
1. 20.03.1965
2. 24.04.1965 KarlsruheQW-8
West Germany
3. 05.05.1965 NorrköpingQW-8
4. 07.11.1965 FamagustaQW-8
5. 14.11.1965 NicosiaQW-8
West Germany

stepetroul - posted 16.03.2011 19:43:06

Cyprus FA (KOP) site (not as reliable as it should) lists a Nea Salamina’s player named Michalakis Orfanidis with 3 caps (all in WC qualifiers) and none Marios Orfanidis (of N. Salamina or other club). An Orfanidis also took part in Cyprus match nr.4 (vs FRG 0-5 away, QW-8), as seen in German FA site ((link: ) which I regard rather reliable. He is written as Orfanixdes, but surely he’s the same that played in the above match Cyprus-FRG 0-6 (see also (link: )
So, I think he is MICHALAKIS (maybe Marios is his other first name) and has 3 caps.
Given the chance, the Cyprus line-ups of both matches should be updated, as I spotted several differences between "eu-football" and DBF’s data. In some cases maybe, the same player appears under his nickname or short name.

This is very usual in Cyprus and creates great deal of confusion in football statistics. I have already posted a topic in FORUM, asking any help (especially from Cyprus). (link: )

db - posted 16.03.2011 20:04:54

My data about Cyprus NT is from site which is not exist now. You can view it in archive (link: )
I don`t know what source is more reliable...

stepetroul - posted 17.03.2011 03:33:12

Maybe, you can rely on "Takis-on-line". As a Cypriot, he possibly had access to reliable sources.
I tried to find data for the Cyprus matches vs FRG and Sweden, in order to check his reliability. Nothing found for Cyprus line-ups in CFA, Swedish sites or Hellenic newspapers, so I only compared Takis with DBF’s data for the Cyprus matches vs FRG, taking into account CFA’s list for total caps.
I spotted just 2 differences, both in match nr.4:
- ORFANIDIS instead of Andros ANTONIADIS
- ASSIOTIS instead of Michalis PAMBORIS.
CFA gives ORFANIDIS 3 (all QW) and ANTONIADIS 4 caps (3 QW + 1 friendly), so I think Tasos has a mistake here. Remember CFA names Orfanidis as Michalakis, not Marios.
CFA has only one ASSIOTIS (Dimitris id=877), who wasn’t born then and gives PAMBORIS 2 caps all in QE. If it’s a mistake and they mean QW, Tasos should be wright here and "Assiotis" is just Pamboris nickname (greek pronunciation: Παμπορής).
According to this little check, Tasos-on-Line seems to be rather reliable. The problem is that he, like all Cypriots, uses nicknames, short and first names in place of surnames. Please note that Antonis Karas (one "k") is "Tsoukkas" and Nikos Kantzileris is "Nikakis".

Zsorzsinju - posted 29.06.2014 04:58:31

Marios Orfanidis
Born: 16.03.1940 (link: )
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