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France vs Italy international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Sunday, 4 April 1948, 15:00 (UTC+01:00)
National teams, score: -
Competition:International Friendly
Arthur Ellis, Halifax
Attendance, venue:60 074, Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Colombes
Goals:0:1 (31') Riccardo Carapellese, 0:2 (36') Guglielmo Gabetto, 0:3 (38') Riccardo Carapellese, 1:3 (71') Jean Baratte (pen.)
France national football team line-up in match Nr.172
Managed by selection committee: Gaston Barreau, coach Helenio Herrera (Spain), head Gabriel Hanot, squad average age - 26.548
Marcel Domingo   1Stade Français, Paris
André Grillon   9Stade Français, Paris
Roger Marche   4Stade de Reims, Reims
Antoine Cuissard   10A.S. Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne
Robert Jonquet   1Stade de Reims, Reims
Jean Prouff   10Stade Rennais U.C., Rennes
René Alpsteg   5A.S. Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne
Oscar Heisserer  Captain  25R.C. Strasbourg, Strasbourg
Jean Baratte   6Lille O.S.C., Lille
Abdelkader Ben M'barek   13Stade Français, Paris
Ernest Vaast   14Racing C.P., Colombes
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Italy national football team line-up in match Nr.165
Managed by technical commissioner Vittorio Pozzo, squad average age - 27.109
Valerio Bacigalupo   2A.C. Torino, Torino
Aldo Ballarin   6A.C. Torino, Torino
Alberto Eliani   1A.C. Fiorentina, Firenze
Carlo Annovazzi   2A.C. Milan, Milano
Mario Rigamonti   2A.C. Torino, Torino
Giuseppe Grezar   7A.C. Torino, Torino
Romeo Menti   4A.C. Torino, Torino
Ezio Loik   7A.C. Torino, Torino
Guglielmo Gabetto   5A.C. Torino, Torino
Valentino Mazzola  Captain  9A.C. Torino, Torino
Riccardo Carapellese   3A.C. Milan, Milano
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photo original de l’equipe de france 1948. 04/04/1948 - amical stade olympique (colombes) - 60074 spectateurs - france 1-3 italie - [1] domingo marcel (stade français) [9] grillon andré (stade français) [4] marche roger (stade de reims) [10] cuissard antoine (a.s. saint-etienne) [1] jonquet robert (stade de reims) [10] prouff jean (stade rennais u.c.) [5] alpsteg rené (a.s. saint-etienne) [25] heisserer oscar 0 c. (r.c. strasbourg) [6] baratte jean (lille o.s.c.) [13] ben barek larbi (stade français) [14] vaast ernest (r.c. paris) (link: )

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photo original de l'equipe d' italie 1948. 04/04/1948 - amical stade olympique (colombes) - 60074 spectateurs - france 1-3 italie - bacigalupo valerio ballarin aldo eliani alberto annovazzi carlo rigamonti mario grezar giuseppe menti romeo loik ezio gabetto guglielmo mazzola valentino carapellese riccardo (link: )

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francia italia

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Internazionale di calcio Francia - Italia a Parigi
La settimana Incom 00140 del 08/04/1948
Internazionale di calcio

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France V Italy - Football (1948)
Location unspecified.
France vs Italy post-match head-to-head
18331227 - 550.500
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Brief match report
Sun. 04 Apr 1948
Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, Colombes
France 1-3 Italy
Goals: Carapellese 31, Gabetto 36, Carapellese 38, Baratte 71

France: Domingo, Grillon, Marche, Cuissard, Jonquet, Prouff, Alpsteg, Heisserer (c), Baratte, Ben M'barek, Vaast. Managed by selection committee Barreau,  Herrera (Spain),  Hanot.

Italy: Bacigalupo, Ballarin, Eliani, Annovazzi, Rigamonti, Grezar, Menti, Loik, Gabetto, Mazzola (c), Carapellese. Managed by  Pozzo.

Att: 60 074
Ref: Ellis (England) 

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