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Hungary vs Romania international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Sunday, 30 September 1945, 15:30 (UTC+02:00)
National teams, score: -
Competition:International Friendly
Attendance, venue:35 000, Üllői út, Budapest
Goals:1:0 (8') Hidegkuti Nándor, 2:0 (15') Puskás Ferenc, 2:1 (20') Francisc Fabian, 3:1 (25') Zsengellér Gyula, 4:1 (32') Rudas Ferenc (pen.), 5:1 (33') Nyers István, 5:2 (40') József Perényi, 6:2 (69') Puskás Ferenc, 7:2 (87') Hidegkuti Nándor
Hungary national football team line-up in match Nr.247
Managed by association captain Gallowich Tibor, squad average age - 26.412
Csikós Gyula   12Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Rudas Ferenc   5Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Szűcs Sándor   10Újpesti M.T.E., Újpest → Budapest
Bíró Sándor  Captain  52M.T.K., Budapest
Sárosi Béla   25Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Lakat Károly   3Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Sipos Vilmos   1Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Hidegkuti Nándor   1Herminamezei A.C., Budapest
Zsengellér Gyula   33Újpesti M.T.E., Újpest → Budapest
Puskás Ferenc   2Kispesti A.C., Budapest
Nyers István   1Újpesti M.T.E., Újpest → Budapest
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Romania national football team line-up in match Nr.94
Managed by head coach Coloman Braun-Bogdan
Aurel Boroş   1S.S. Politehnica, Timişoara
Remus Ghiuriţan   46' 1C.F.R., Bucureşti
46' Ladislau Incze   1Dermagant, Târgu Mureş
Iosif Ritter   1C.F.R., Timişoara
Ion Vasile   1S.S. Politehnica, Timişoara
Nicolae Simatoc   5C.S. Carmen, Bucureşti
Francisc Fabian   1C.S. Carmen, Bucureşti
Bazil Marian  Captain  7C.S. Carmen, Bucureşti
Ferenc Sárvári   46' 3Libertatea, Oradea
46' Iuliu Farkas   1C.S. Carmen, Bucureşti
Nicolae Reuter   8C.F.R., Timişoara
Gheorghe Băcuţ   1Libertatea, Oradea
József Perényi   1Libertatea, Oradea
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Soproni Démon - posted 11.10.2012 13:35:47

Hungary and Romania teams

Zsorzsinju - posted 06.01.2013 02:07:17

Hungary Captain:
Bíró (Bier) Sándor (link: )

db - posted 08.05.2013 11:43:59

Photo of teams

(link: ) (link: )

Soproni Démon - posted 26.09.2013 11:35:16

Remus Ghiuriţan 46’ » Ladislau Incze
Ferenc Sárvári-Spielmann 46’ » Iuliu Farkas
(link: )
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Brief match report
Sun. 30 Sep 1945
Üllői út, Budapest
Hungary 7-2 Romania
Goals: Hidegkuti 8, Puskás 15, Fabian 20, Zsengellér 25, Rudas 32, Nyers 33, Perényi 40, Puskás 69, Hidegkuti 87

Hungary: Csikós, Rudas, Szűcs, Bíró (c), Sárosi, Lakat, Sipos, Hidegkuti, Zsengellér, Puskás, Nyers. Managed by  Gallowich.

Romania: Boroş, Ghiuriţan (Incze 46), Ritter, Vasile, Simatoc, Fabian, Marian (c), Sárvári (Farkas 46), Reuter, Băcuţ, Perényi. Managed by  Braun-Bogdan.

Att: 35 000
Ref: Hertzka (Hungary) 

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