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Austria vs Hungary international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Sunday, 24 April 1932, 17:00 (UTC+01:00)
National teams, score: -
Competition:International Friendly
Attendance, venue:60 000, Hohe Warte, Vienna
Goals:1:0 (3') Matthias Sindelar, 2:0 (13') Matthias Sindelar, 2:1 (14') Cseh László, 3:1 (31') Matthias Sindelar, 4:1 (33') Anton Schall, 4:2 (44') Cseh László, 5:2 (50') Anton Schall, 6:2 (52') Fritz Gschweidl, 7:2 (70') Anton Schall, 8:2 (73') Anton Schall
Austria national football team line-up in match Nr.145
Managed by association captain Hugo Meisl, squad average age - 26.206
Josef Hiden   14Wiener A.C., Wien
Roman Schramseis   18S.K. Rapid, Wien
Josef Blum  Captain  51First Vienna F.C., Wien
Georg Braun   5Wiener A.C., Wien
Poldl Hofmann   16First Vienna F.C., Wien
Walter Nausch   6F.K. Austria, Wien
Karl Zischek   7S.C. Wacker, Wien
Fritz Gschweidl   35First Vienna F.C., Wien
Matthias Sindelar   15F.K. Austria, Wien
Anton Schall   13S.K. Admira, Wien
Adi Vogl   8S.K. Admira, Wien
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Hungary national football team line-up in match Nr.158
Managed by association captain Máriássy Lajos, squad average age - 25.505
Szabó Antal   2Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Takács Géza   4Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Mándi Gyula  Captain  31Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Lyka Antal   58' sent off9Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Kalmár Jenő   12Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Lázár Gyula   8Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Závodi István   2M.Á.V.A.G. S.K., Budapest
Cseh László   2Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Turay József   21Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Toldi Géza   63' sent off9Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Kohut Vilmos   24Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
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db - posted 25.10.2010 12:22:09


Schramseis, Nausch, Hofmann, Zischek, Sindelar, Braun, Schall, Vogl
Gschweidl, Hiden, Blum (link: )

Soproni Démon - posted 22.03.2012 13:50:13

Sent off:
58’Lyka Antal
63’Toldi Géza
(link: )

Makar - posted 31.05.2015 14:18:27

Austria national team:
F.Gschweidl, R.Hiden, J.Blum (c);
R.Schramseis, W.Nausch, L.Hofmann, K.Zischek, M.Sindelar, G.Braun, A.Schall, A.Vogl.

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Austria vs Hungary post-match head-to-head
70231631144 - 1480.886
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Brief match report
Sun. 24 Apr 1932
Hohe Warte, Vienna
Austria 8-2 Hungary
Goals: Sindelar 3, Sindelar 13, Cseh 14, Sindelar 31, Schall 33, Cseh 44, Schall 50, Gschweidl 52, Schall 70, Schall 73

Austria: Hiden, Schramseis, Blum (c), Braun, Hofmann, Nausch, Zischek, Gschweidl, Sindelar, Schall, Vogl. Managed by  Meisl.

Hungary: Szabó, Takács, Mándi (c), Lyka, Kalmár, Lázár, Závodi, Cseh, Turay, Toldi, Kohut. Managed by  Máriássy.
 Sent off: Lyka 58, Toldi 63.

Att: 60 000
Ref: Birlem (Germany) 

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