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Germany vs Hungary international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Sunday, 28 September 1930, 15:00 (UTC+01:00)
National teams, score: -
Competition:International Friendly
Attendance, venue:41 500, Stadion am Ostragehege des Dresdner S.C., Dresden
Goals:0:1 (29') Takács József, 0:2 (35') Takács József, 0:3 (40') Takács József, 1:3 (59') Richard Hofmann, 2:3 (61') Ludwig Hofmann, 3:3 (73') Hannes Ludwig, 4:3 (78') Ludwig Lachner, 5:3 (86') Ludwig Hofmann
Germany national football team line-up in match Nr.79
Managed by head coach Otto Nerz, squad average age - 25.781
Willibald Kreß   5S.C. Rot-Weiss, Frankfurt am Main
Franz Schütz   6S.G. Eintracht, Frankfurt am Main
Theodor Burkhardt   1F.C. Germania Brötzingen, Pforzheim
Heinrich Hergert   3F.K. Pirmasens, Pirmasens
Ludwig Leinberger   13Sp.Vgg. Fürth, Fürth
Conrad Heidkamp   9F.C. Bayern, München
Ernst Albrecht   10T.S.V. Fortuna, Düsseldorf
Ludwig Lachner   1S.V. München 1860, München
Hannes Ludwig   1K.S.V. Holstein, Kiel
Richard Hofmann  Captain  13Dresdner S.C., Dresden
Ludwig Hofmann   17F.C. Bayern, München
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Hungary national football team line-up in match Nr.146
Managed by association captain Minder Frigyes, squad average age - 25.638
Amsel Ignác   85' 8Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
85' Aknai János   7Újpest F.C., Budapest
Mándi Gyula  Captain  23Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Korányi Lajos   7Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Lyka Antal   4Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Kléber Gábor   19Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Berkessy Elemér   6Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Ströck Albert   12Újpest F.C., Budapest
Takács József   30Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Turay József   12Ferencváros F.C., Budapest
Barátky Iuliu   1Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
Titkos Pál   7Hungaria M.T.K. F.C., Budapest
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stringer - posted 31.05.2010 23:10:15

One goal incorrectly attributed to Ignaz Ludwig (Austria) rather than Johannes Ludwig (Germany).

dominik_t - posted 17.10.2012 11:44:05

The ground was called "Stadion am Ostragehege". It was called Heinz-Steyer only since the 1950s.
Source: Wikipedia/Common Knowledge

MOVCHAN21 - posted 29.09.2013 18:26:55

Germany national team

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Brief match report
Sun. 28 Sep 1930
Stadion am Ostragehege des Dresdner S.C., Dresden
Germany 5-3 Hungary
Goals: Takács 29, Takács 35, Takács 40,  Hofmann 59,  Hofmann 61, Ludwig 73, Lachner 78,  Hofmann 86

Germany: Kreß, Schütz, Burkhardt, Hergert, Leinberger, Heidkamp, Albrecht, Lachner, Ludwig, Richard Hofmann (c), Ludwig Hofmann. Managed by  Nerz.

Hungary: Amsel (Aknai 85), Mándi (c), Korányi, Lyka, Kléber, Berkessy, Ströck, Takács, Turay, Barátky, Titkos. Managed by  Minder.

Att: 41 500
Ref: Andersen (Denmark) 

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