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England vs Wales international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Monday, 28 November 1927, 14:30 (UTC)
National teams, score:
Competition:British Championship 1927-1928
Referee:Willie Bell, Motherwell /
Attendance, venue:32 089, Turf Moor, Burnley
Goals:0:1 (22') Wilf Lewis, 0:2 (40') Jack Hill (own goal), 1:2 (79') Fred Keenor (own goal)
England national football team line-up in match Nr.158
Managed by selection committee
Dan Tremelling   130Birmingham FC, Birmingham
Roy Goodall   624Huddersfield Town AFC, Huddersfield
Reg Osborne   129Leicester City FC, Leicester
Alf Baker   129Arsenal FC, London
Jack Hill  Captain  830Burnley FC, Burnley
Harry Nuttall   230Bolton Wanderers FC, Bolton
Joe Hulme   523Arsenal FC, London
George Brown   724Huddersfield Town AFC, Huddersfield
Dixie Dean   720Everton FC, Liverpool
Arthur Rigby   527Blackburn Rovers FC, Blackburn
Louis Page   728Burnley FC, Burnley
Wales national team line-up in match Nr.134
Managed by -
Bert Gray   1127Manchester City FC, Manchester
Ben Williams   127Swansea Town FC, Swansea
Tom Evans   324Clapton Orient FC, London
Ray Bennion   431Manchester United FC, Stretford
Fred Keenor  Captain  2133Cardiff City FC, Cardiff
Bob John   628Arsenal FC, London
Billy Hole   630Swansea Town FC, Swansea
Len Davies   1728Cardiff City FC, Cardiff
Wilf Lewis   324Swansea Town FC, Swansea
Charlie Jones   427Nottingham Forest FC, West Bridgford
Fred Cook   425Portsmouth FC, Portsmouth
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Historical data sources
The Manchester Guardian (Manchester), №25352, 29.11.1927;

dudd - posted 07.11.2014 15:32:48

Roy Goodall missed his 50th minute penalty kick against Albert Gray. The penalty was awarded for a Bennion handball, but Goodall’s kick went straight down the centre, the goalkeeper beat the ball up and subsequently cleared (link: )
England vs Wales post-match head-to-head
453096124 - 431.533
England v Wales match-by-match record
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Wales matches
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Wales vs Scotland 2-2
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Wales top scorers
1. Billy Meredith (1896 - 1913) - 10 goals
2. Arthur Grenville Morris (1896 - 1911) - 9 goals
3. Billy Lewis (1886 - 1896) - 8 goals
4. William Owen (1882 - 1884) - 6 goals
5. Jack Doughty (1888) - 6 goals
6. William Jones (1906 - 1909) - 6 goals
... Wilf Lewis (1927) - 2 goals
(correct as of November 28, 1927)
Brief match report
Mon. 28 Nov 1927
Turf Moor, Burnley
England 1-2 Wales
Goals: Lewis 22, Hill 40 (OG), Keenor 79 (OG)

England: Tremelling, Goodall, Osborne, Baker, Hill (c), Nuttall, Hulme, Brown, Dean, Rigby, Page. Managed by selection committee.

Wales: Gray, Williams, Evans, Bennion, Keenor (c), John, Hole, Davies, Lewis, Jones, Cook.

Att: 32 089
Ref: Bell (Scotland)

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