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United States vs Estonia international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Sunday, 25 May 1924, 16:15 (UTC+01:00)
National teams, score: United States -
Competition:VIII. Olympic Games Final Tournament 1924, First round
Attendance, venue:8 110, Stade Général John Joseph Pershing, Paris
Estonia national football team line-up in match Nr.11
Managed by selection committee: coach Kónya Ferenc (Hungary), squad average age - 24.152
August Lass   10E.S.S. Kalev, Tallinn
Arnold Pihlak   8V.S. Sport, Tallinn
Otto Silber  Captain  8Tallinna J.K., Tallinn
Elmar Kaljot   4E.S.S. Kalev, Tallinn
Bernhard Rein   6V.S. Sport, Tallinn
Harald Kaarman   10E.S.S. Kalev, Tallinn
Heinrich Paal   10V.S. Sport, Tallinn
Hugo Väli   3E.S.S. Kalev, Tallinn
Eduard Eelma   5E.S.S. Kalev, Tallinn
Oskar Üpraus   9V.S. Sport, Tallinn
Ernst-Aleksandr Joll   10E.S.S. Kalev, Tallinn
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Historical data sources
Kaja (Tallinn), №139, 26.05.1924; DIGAR - Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
Kaja (Tallinn), №140, 27.05.1924; DIGAR - Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
Sakala (Viljandi), №62, 27.05.1924; DIGAR - Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
Päewaleht (Tallinn), №145, 31.05.1924; DIGAR - Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
Eesti Spordileht (Tallinn), №9/10, 01.06.1924; DIGAR - Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu

Zsorzsinju - posted 25.01.2011 14:39:21

Coach/Manager: Ferenc Konya (Hungary)

pieterkooijman - posted 06.02.2011 12:19:19

Jimmy Douglas
Irving Davis (...)

luciano - posted 22.07.2011 10:14:39

MATCH: 25.05.1924 USA

pieterkooijman - posted 17.08.2011 15:44:12

Coach George Burford

Info from Mrs. Elizabeth Sanchez at the US Soccer Federation and the 2011 US Men’s National Team Media Guide (=yearbook)

Zsorzsinju - posted 11.10.2011 08:17:47

U.S.A.: Stradan(cap) (link: )

Soproni Démon - posted 20.12.2012 21:01:49

United States:
William Findlay (...)

Yas054 - posted 09.02.2013 00:42:45

USA line-up:
[1] Jimmy DOUGLAS - Newark Skeeters(GK) (...)

Rimac - posted 28.02.2015 13:00:10

Captain: Otto Silber
Vaba Maa 25-05-1924(6 p.)/JAVA (...)

Rimac - posted 28.02.2015 13:00:34

Estonia team:
Club of Arnold Pihlak on the period 01.01-26.06.1924 – Sport Tallinn (...)

Makar - posted 14.02.2016 13:11:51

Estonia national team.

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United States vs Estonia post-match head-to-head
10010 - 10.000
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Brief match report
Sun. 25 May 1924
Stade Général John Joseph Pershing, Paris
United States 1-0 Estonia

Estonia: Lass, Pihlak, Silber (c), Kaljot, Rein, Kaarman, Paal, Väli, Eelma, Üpraus, Joll. Managed by selection committee Kónya (Hungary).

Att: 8 110
Ref: Putz (Belgium) 

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