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Hungary vs Sweden international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Sunday, 28 October 1923, 15:00 (UTC+01:00)
National teams, score: -
Competition:International Friendly
Attendance, venue:35 000, Üllői út, Budapest
Goals:0:1 (2') Olof Detter, 1:1 (11') Eisenhoffer József, 2:1 (36') Eisenhoffer József
Hungary national football team line-up in match Nr.94
Managed by association captain Kiss Gyula, squad average age - 25.386
Fehér Ferenc   6M.A.C., Budapest
Mándi Gyula   10M.T.K., Budapest
Hungler János   3Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Kertész Vilmos  Captain  46M.T.K., Budapest
Orth György   15M.T.K., Budapest
Blum Zoltán   30Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Braun József   15M.T.K., Budapest
Molnár György   13M.T.K., Budapest
Pataki Mihály   20Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Eisenhoffer József   2Ferencvárosi T.C., Budapest
Solti Mihály   2Szegedi A.K., Szeged
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Sweden national football team line-up in match Nr.87
Managed by selection committee: chairman Bill Pettersson, squad average age - 24.212
Kurt Envall   1I.F.K. Stockholm, Stockholm
Gösta Wihlborg   6Hammarby I.F., Stockholm
Sten Mellgren   84' 1I.F.K. Stockholm, Stockholm
84' Valdus Lund   28I.F.K. Göteborg, Göteborg
Henning Helgesson   1Örgryte I.S., Göteborg
Gustav Möller  Captain  5I.F.K. Malmö, Malmö
Erik Andersson   3I.F.K. Göteborg, Göteborg
Charles Brommesson   1Hälsingborgs I.F., Hälsingborg → Helsingborg
Harry Dahl   8Landskrona B.o.I.S., Landskrona
Olof Detter   1I.F.K. Vänersborg, Vänersborg
Bertil Karlsson   2I.F.K. Eskilstuna, Eskilstuna
Olle Ringdahl   2I.F.K. Norrköping, Norrköping
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wilim - posted 30.08.2011 21:15:32

Sweden captain: Gustav Möller
Source: Danmark (1908-1940), Sverige (1908-1940) - IFFHS book

Soproni Démon - posted 07.10.2011 10:25:14 - 1

Coach manager
Sweden: John ’Bill’ Pettersson

- posted 14.03.2012 18:50:02

Captain Hungary:
Kertész Vilmos

dr. Földessy János: Válogatott labdarúgók könyve
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Brief match report
Sun. 28 Oct 1923
Üllői út, Budapest
Hungary 2-1 Sweden
Goals: Detter 2, Eisenhoffer 11, Eisenhoffer 36

Hungary: Fehér, Mándi, Hungler, Kertész (c), Orth, Blum, Braun, Molnár, Pataki, Eisenhoffer, Solti. Managed by  Kiss.

Sweden: Envall, Wihlborg, Mellgren (Lund 84), Helgesson, Möller (c), Andersson, Brommesson, Dahl, Detter, Karlsson, Ringdahl. Managed by selection committee Pettersson.

Att: 35 000
Ref: Schmieger (Austria) 

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