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  • Belgium earned its 3rd consecutive victory

Belgium vs Czechoslovakia international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Thursday, 2 September 1920, 17:00 (UTC+01:00)
National teams, score:
Competition:VII. Olympic Games Final Tournament 1920, Final
Referee:John Lewis, Blackburn /
Attendance, venue:35 000, Olympisch Stadion (Kielstadion), Antwerp
Goals:1:0 (6') Robert Coppée (pen.), 2:0 (31') Rik Larnoe
Belgium national football team line-up in match Nr.52
Managed by head coach William Maxwell (Scotland)
Jean De Bie   328RRC Bruxelles, Brussel
Armand Swartenbroeks   1328Daring Club de Bruxelles SR, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek
Oscar Verbeeck   729Union Saint-Gilloise, Vorst
Joseph Musch   1826Union Saint-Gilloise, Vorst
Emile Hanse  Captain  528Union Saint-Gilloise, Vorst
Dré Fierens   322Beerschot AC, Antwerpen
Louis Van Hege   631Union Saint-Gilloise, Vorst
Robert Coppée   625Union Saint-Gilloise, Vorst
Mathieu Bragard   325CS Verviétois, Verviers
Rik Larnoe   223Beerschot AC, Antwerpen
Désiré Bastin   220Royal Antwerp FC, Antwerpen
Czechoslovakia national team line-up in match Nr.10
Managed by selection committee: Josef Fanta
Rudolf Klapka   431SK Viktoria Žižkov, Praha
Antonín Hojer   426AC Sparta, Praha
Karel Steiner   39' sent off325SK Viktoria Žižkov, Praha
František Kolenatý   420AC Sparta, Praha
Karel Pešek  Captain  424AC Sparta, Praha
Emil Seifert   320SK Viktoria Žižkov, Praha
Josef Sedláček   426AC Sparta, Praha
Antonín Janda   427AC Sparta, Praha
Václav Pilát   332AC Sparta, Praha
Jan Vaník   429SK Slavia, Praha
Otakar Škvajn   426AC Sparta, Praha
Match stats
National teamPlayersAverage capsAverage ageClubsGoalsCautionsExpulsions
Historical data sources
Gazet van Anwerpen (Antwerp), №211, 04.09.1920; Concentra online archief
Lidové noviny (Brno), №450, 10.09.1920; Moravská zemská knihovna

stringer - posted 08.05.2010 22:43:34

Match abandoned in 39 minutes (Czechoslovakia walked off in protest at the refereeing). (link: )

HisHasH - posted 25.02.2011 17:31:29

Coach: Josef Fanta

luciano - posted 08.07.2011 11:55:22


luciano - posted 08.07.2011 11:59:43

Émile Jean Ghislain Hanse cap belgio

Karel Pešek "Káďa" cap. cecoslovacchia

Zsorzsinju - posted 19.09.2011 11:28:20

Choice of ends before the Olympic final: F. l. t. r. John Lewis (referee), Emile Hanse, Karel Pešek »Káďa« (Czechoslovakia). (link: )

Zsorzsinju - posted 19.09.2011 11:36:07

Czechoslovakia: John Madden (Scotland) (link: )

Zsorzsinju - posted 19.09.2011 11:36:52

Expulsions: Karel Steiner (39.)
When Belgium opened the score at 6 minutes, Prague goalkeeper Rudolf Klapka had safely caught the ball, but was knocked down by an onrushing Belgian player and dropped the ball in falling. There was a ceowd and before Klapka could get up again, Belgium tried to score a goal, but a Czechoslovak defender stopped the ball with his hand, whereupon the referee awarded Belgium a penalty. Czechoslovakia protested – not the penalty, but because their goalkeeper had been illegally rushed. The English referee, however, stood by his decision.
* Czechoslovakia refused to accept full-back Karel Steiner being sent off and left the pitch in protest (also because of the fanatic spectators). The match was abandoned at 39 minutes. The IOC then stripped Czechoslovakia of the silver medal. (link: )

sigi - posted 26.04.2015 09:45:00

The Belgium team that won the gold medal.
Staand v.l.n.r.: William Maxwell, Armand Swartenbroeks, Andre Fierens, Emile Hanse, Jan De Bie,
Joseph Musch, Oscar Verbeeck
Zittend v.l.n.r.: Louis Van Hege, Robert Coppée, Mathieu Bragard, Rik Larnoe, Désiré Bastin
Belgium vs Czechoslovakia post-match head-to-head
11002 - 02.000
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Top Belgium scorers
1. Robert De Veen (1906 - 1913) - 26 goals
2. Fernand Nisot (1912 - 1914) - 10 goals
3. Louis Saeys (1908 - 1913) - 9 goals
... Robert Coppée (1920) - 6 goals
... Rik Larnoe (1920) - 2 goals
(correct as of September 2, 1920)
Brief match report
Thu. 02 Sep 1920
Olympisch Stadion (Kielstadion), Antwerp
Belgium 2-0 Czechoslovakia
Goals: Coppée 6, Larnoe 31

Belgium: De Bie, Swartenbroeks, Verbeeck, Musch, Hanse (c), Fierens, Van Hege, Coppée, Bragard, Larnoe, Bastin. Managed by Maxwell (Scotland).

Czechoslovakia: Klapka, Hojer, Steiner, Kolenatý, Pešek (c), Seifert, Sedláček, Janda, Pilát, Vaník, Škvajn. Managed by selection committee Fanta.
Sent off: Steiner 39.

Att: 35 000
Ref: Lewis (England)

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