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  • 100th international match of the England football team
  • England earned its 6th consecutive victory
  • England's 12th consecutive match without defeat

England vs Wales international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Monday, 15 March 1909
National teams, score:
Competition:British Championship 1909
Referee:David Philp, Dunfermline /
Attendance, venue:11 500, City Ground, Nottingham
Goals:1:0 (15') George Holley, 2:0 (42') Bert Freeman
England national football team line-up in match Nr.100
Managed by selection committee
Sam Hardy   626Liverpool FC, Liverpool
Bob Crompton   2329Blackburn Rovers FC, Blackburn
Jesse Pennington   725West Bromwich Albion FC, West Bromwich
Ben Warren   1529Chelsea FC, London
Billy Wedlock   1228Bristol City FC, Bristol
Fred Pentland   15' injured125Middlesbrough FC, Middlesbrough
Colin Veitch   627Newcastle United FC, Newcastle upon Tyne
Vivian Woodward  Captain  1829Tottenham Hotspur FC, Tottenham
Bert Freeman   123Everton FC, Liverpool
George Holley   123Sunderland AFC, Sunderland
Arthur Bridgett   826Sunderland AFC, Sunderland
Wales national team line-up in match Nr.92
Managed by -
Leigh Roose   1931Sunderland AFC, Sunderland
Horace Blew   2131Wrexham AFC, Wrexham
Charlie Morris  Captain  2028Derby County FC, Derby
Maurice Parry   1631Liverpool FC, Liverpool
Ernest Peake   320Liverpool FC, Liverpool
Ioan Price   426Wrexham AFC, Wrexham
Billy Meredith   2934Manchester United FC, Manchester
George Wynn   222Wrexham AFC, Wrexham
Tinker Davies   626Blackburn Rovers FC, Blackburn
William Jones   11Manchester City FC, Manchester
Billy Davies   228West Bromwich Albion FC, West Bromwich
Match stats
National teamPlayersAverage capsAverage ageClubsGoalsCautionsExpulsions
Historical data sources
The Manchester Guardian (Manchester), №19532, 16.03.1909;
The Times (London), №38908, 16.03.1909;
Evening Express (Cardiff), №6765, 16.03.1909; The National Library of Wales

dudd - posted 13.11.2014 13:14:18

Pentland, Frederick B. injured 15th min
Just before the first goal, Fred Pentland collided with Charlie Morris and had to retire from the game. (link: )
England vs Wales post-match head-to-head
312362100 - 251.677
England v Wales match-by-match record
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British Championship 1909
England vs Ireland 4-0
Bradford, Saturday 13 February 1909
Next match:
British Championship 1909
England vs Scotland 2-0
London, Saturday 3 April 1909
Wales matches
Previous match:
British Championship 1909
Wales vs Scotland 3-2
Wrexham, Monday 1 March 1909
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British Championship 1909
Ireland vs Wales 2-3
Belfast, Saturday 20 March 1909
England top scorers
1. Steve Bloomer (1895 - 1907) - 28 goals
2. Vivian Woodward (1903 - 1909) - 18 goals
3. Tinsley Lindley (1886 - 1891) - 14 goals
4. George Hilsdon (1908 - 1909) - 14 goals
... George Holley (1909) - 1 goal
... Bert Freeman (1909) - 1 goal
(correct as of March 15, 1909)
Brief match report
Mon. 15 Mar 1909
City Ground, Nottingham
England 2-0 Wales
Goals: Holley 15, Freeman 42

England: Hardy, Crompton, Pennington, Warren, Wedlock, Pentland, Veitch, Woodward (c), Freeman, Holley, Bridgett. Managed by selection committee.

Wales: Roose, Blew, Morris (c), Parry, Peake, Price, Meredith, Wynn, Tinker Davies, Jones, Billy Davies.

Att: 11 500
Ref: Philp (Scotland)

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