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Wales vs England international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Monday, 3 March 1902, 15:30 (UTC)
National teams, score:
Competition:British Championship 1902
Referee:Tom Robertson, Glasgow /
Attendance, venue:10 000, The Racecourse, Wrexham
Wales national football team line-up in match Nr.71
Managed by -
Leigh Roose   524Stoke FC, Stoke on Trent
Sam Meredith   529Stoke FC, Stoke on Trent
Charlie Morris   721Derby County FC, Derby
Maurice Parry   524Liverpool FC, Liverpool
Jack Jones   17Tottenham Hotspur FC, Tottenham
William Jones  Captain  3West Ham United FC, London
Billy Meredith   1527Manchester City FC, Manchester
Mart Watkins   121Stoke FC, Stoke on Trent
Thomas Parry   7Oswestry United FC, Oswestry
Ephraim Williams   5Ruabon Druids FC, Ruabon
Richard Morris   2Ruabon Druids FC, Ruabon
England national team line-up in match Nr.74
Managed by selection committee
William George   127Aston Villa FC, Aston
Bob Crompton   122Blackburn Rovers FC, Blackburn
Jimmy Crabtree   1430Aston Villa FC, Aston
Albert Wilkes   326Aston Villa FC, Aston
Walter Abbott   124Everton FC, Liverpool
Ernest Needham   1629Sheffield United FC, Sheffield
Billy Hogg   122Sunderland AFC, Sunderland
Steve Bloomer   1528Derby County FC, Derby
Charlie Sagar   223Bury FC, Bury
Reginald Foster  Captain  523Corinthians FC, London
Bert Lipsham   123Sheffield United FC, Sheffield
Match stats
National teamPlayersAverage capsAverage ageClubsGoalsCautionsExpulsions
Historical data sources
Evening Express (Cardiff), №4578, 03.03.1902; The National Library of Wales
The Times (London), №36706, 04.03.1902;
The Manchester Guardian (Manchester), №17336, 04.03.1902;
Towyn-on-Sea and Merioneth County Times (Welshpool), №339, 06.03.1902; The National Library of Wales

dudd - posted 04.03.2014 10:04:25

Ernest Needham, in the first half, missed his second penalty kick in consecutive matches, in this, the first game in 52 matches that England failed to score, against Leigh Roose. One report says Sam Meredith had fouled Charlie Sagar within the twelve yard line, another report says that the same player had handled the ball. (link: )
Wales vs England post-match head-to-head
24241819 - 820.333
Wales v England match-by-match record
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Brief match report
Mon. 03 Mar 1902
The Racecourse, Wrexham
Wales 0-0 England

Wales: Roose, Sam Meredith, Charlie Morris, Maurice Parry, Jack Jones, William Jones (c), Billy Meredith, Watkins, Thomas Parry, Williams, Richard Morris.

England: George, Crompton, Crabtree, Wilkes, Abbott, Needham, Hogg, Bloomer, Sagar, Foster (c), Lipsham. Managed by selection committee.

Att: 10 000
Ref: Robertson (Scotland)

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