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England vs Wales international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Monday, 29 March 1897, 15:30 (UTC)
National teams, score:
Competition:British Championship 1897
Referee:Tom Robertson, Glasgow /
Attendance, venue:5 000, Bramall Lane, Sheffield
Goals:1:0 (23') Ernest Needham, 2:0 (44') Steve Bloomer, 3:0 (62') Alf Milward, 4:0 (64') Alf Milward
England national football team line-up in match Nr.60
Managed by selection committee
William Foulke   122Sheffield United FC, Sheffield
Howard Spencer   121Aston Villa FC, Aston
William Oakley   623Corinthians FC, London
Jack Reynolds   728Aston Villa FC, Aston
Tommy Crawshaw   624The Wednesday FC, Sheffield
Ernest Needham   424Sheffield United FC, Sheffield
Charlie Athersmith   324Aston Villa FC, Aston
Steve Bloomer   623Derby County FC, Derby
Gilbert Smith  Captain  45' injured924Old Carthusians FC, Godalming
Frank Becton   223Liverpool FC, Liverpool
Alf Milward   326Everton FC, Liverpool
Wales national team line-up in match Nr.57
Managed by -
James Trainer  Captain  1634Preston North End FC, Preston
John Matthias   4Shrewsbury Town FC, Shrewsbury
James Edwards   3Oswestry United FC, Oswestry
Tom Chapman   7Grimsby Town FC, Cleethorpes
Jack Mates   327Chirk AAA FC, Chirk
Jack Jones   9Sheffield United FC, Sheffield
Billy Meredith   722Manchester City FC, Manchester
Joe Davies   10Millwall Athletic FC, London
Arthur Grenville Morris   419Aberystwyth FC, Aberystwyth
Hugh Morris   3Grimsby Town FC, Cleethorpes
Billy Lewis   26Chester FC, Chester
Match stats
National teamPlayersAverage capsAverage ageClubsGoalsCautionsExpulsions
Historical data sources
Evening Express (Cardiff), №3057, 29.03.1897; The National Library of Wales
The Times (London), №35164, 30.03.1897;
The Standard (London), №22698, 30.03.1897;
The Manchester Guardian (Manchester), №15798, 30.03.1897;
The Morning Post (London), №38942, 30.03.1897;
Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald (Caernarfon), №3336, 02.04.1897; The National Library of Wales

Chris01010 - posted 01.10.2011 03:00:24

William ’Fatty’ Foulke was said to be 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m) tall and reputed to weigh 24 stone (331 pounds, 150kg) (link: )

dudd - posted 10.11.2014 10:30:11

Smith, Gilbert O. injured off 45th min
Gilbert Smith was hit in the face by the ball in the first half, and did not return for the second half. (link: )
England vs Wales post-match head-to-head
19152268 - 181.684
England v Wales match-by-match record
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England top scorers
1. Tinsley Lindley (1886 - 1891) - 14 goals
2. Steve Bloomer (1895 - 1897) - 12 goals
3. John Goodall (1888 - 1896) - 12 goals
... Alf Milward (1891 - 1897) - 3 goals
... Ernest Needham (1897) - 1 goal
(correct as of March 29, 1897)
Brief match report
Mon. 29 Mar 1897
Bramall Lane, Sheffield
England 4-0 Wales
Goals: Needham 23, Bloomer 44, Milward 62, Milward 64

England: Foulke, Spencer, Oakley, Reynolds, Crawshaw, Needham, Athersmith, Bloomer, Smith (c), Becton, Milward. Managed by selection committee.

Wales: Trainer (c), Matthias, Edwards, Chapman, Mates, Jones, Meredith, Davies, Arthur Grenville Morris, Hugh Morris, Lewis.

Att: 5 000
Ref: Robertson (Scotland)

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