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England* vs Finland international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Wednesday, 4 April 1973
National teams, score: England* -
Competition:International Friendly
Attendance, venue:1 472, Home Park, Plimouth
Finland national football team line-up in match Nr.304
Managed by head coach Olavi Laaksonen, squad average age - 25.292
Timo Nevanperä   8V.P.S., Vaasa
Pekka Kosonen   9L.Reipas, Lahti
Vilho Rajantie   16M.P., Mikkeli
Raimo Saviomaa    24Lahti-69, Lahti
 Ari Mäkynen   6V.P.S., Vaasa
Esko Ranta   13Haka, Valkeakoski
Jouko Suomalainen  Captain  16K.P.T., Kuopio
Henry Forssell    10H.J.K., Helsinki
 Heikki Suhonen   8H.J.K., Helsinki
Pekka Heikkilä   24Haka, Valkeakoski
Olavi Rissanen   7Ku.P.S., Kuopio
Matti Paatelainen   13Haka, Valkeakoski
Miikka Toivola   15H.J.K., Helsinki
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Zsorzsinju - posted 08.08.2011 18:07:28

England Amateur:
John Swannell, Peter Deadman, John Delaney, Ted Powell, Ray Eaton, Larry Pritchard, Roger Day, Rod Haider, B. Friend, John Butterfield, D. Rutherford (link: )
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England* vs Finland post-match head-to-head
760123 - 91.714
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Brief match report
Wed. 04 Apr 1973
Home Park, Plimouth
England* 3-0 Finland

Finland: Nevanperä, Kosonen, Rajantie, Saviomaa (Mäkynen), Ranta, Suomalainen (c), Forssell (Suhonen), Heikkilä, Rissanen, Paatelainen, Toivola. Managed by  Laaksonen.

Att: 1 472
Ref: Nicholls (England) 

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