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Bulgaria vs Romania international football match report

Date, kick-off time: Monday, 10 September 1956
National teams, score: -
Competition:International Friendly
Attendance, venue:40 000, National Stadium Vasil Levski, Sofia
Goals:1:0 (53') Dimitar Milanov, 2:0 (85') Krum Yanev
Bulgaria national football team line-up in match Nr.111
Managed by head coach Stoyan Ormandzhiev, squad average age - 26.328
Georgi Naydenov   4C.D.N.A., Sofia
Kiril Rakarov   19C.D.N.A., Sofia
Manol Manolov   22C.D.N.A., Sofia
Georgi Vasilev   8V.S.O. Udarnik, Sofia
Stefan Bozhkov  Captain  37C.D.N.A., Sofia
Nikola Kovachev   2C.D.N.A., Sofia
Dimitar Milanov   24C.D.N.A., Sofia
Georgi Dimitrov   46' 14C.D.N.A., Sofia
46' Todor Diev   4V.S.O. Spartak, Plovdiv
Panayot Panayotov   18C.D.N.A., Sofia
Ivan Kolev   22C.D.N.A., Sofia
Krum Yanev   17C.D.N.A., Sofia
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Romania national football team line-up in match Nr.138
Managed by head coach Gheorghe Popescu
Constantin Toma   8C.C.A., Bucureşti
Gheorghe Băcuţ  Captain  28C.S. Dinamo, Bucureşti
Octavian Brânzei   1Ştiinţa, Cluj → Cluj-Napoca
Ion Neacşu   3Energia Flacăra, Ploieşti
Ştefan Onisie   6C.C.A., Bucureşti
Daniel Peretz   5Energia Flacăra, Ploieşti
Gheorghe Cacoveanu   2C.C.A., Bucureşti
Gheorghe Constantin   4C.C.A., Bucureşti
Titus Ozon   15Progresul Finanțe Bănci, Bucureşti
Anton Munteanu   55' 1Energia Flacăra, Ploieşti
55' Alexandru Ene   5C.S. Dinamo, Bucureşti
Nicolae Mihai   86' 3Dinamo, Orașul Stalin → Braşov
86' Ştefan Filotti   13Locomotiva, Bucureşti
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Ст. Божков (капитан), Г. Найденов, П. Панайотов, Г. Василев, М. Манолов, К. Ракаров, Г. Димитров, Н. Ковачев, Кр. Янев, И. Колев, Д. Миланов http://

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Brief match report
Mon. 10 Sep 1956
National Stadium Vasil Levski, Sofia
Bulgaria 2-0 Romania
Goals: Milanov 53, Yanev 85

Bulgaria: Naydenov, Rakarov, Manolov, Vasilev, Bozhkov (c), Kovachev, Milanov, Dimitrov (Diev 46), Panayotov, Kolev, Yanev. Managed by  Ormandzhiev.

Romania: Toma, Băcuţ (c), Brânzei, Neacşu, Onisie, Peretz, Cacoveanu, Constantin, Ozon, Munteanu (Ene 55), Mihai (Filotti 86). Managed by  Popescu.

Att: 40 000
Ref: Diamantopoulos (Greece) 

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